Open-access 3D morphological datasets

morphosourceMorphoSource, is a dataset project for storing, collaborative sharing, and distribution of microCT scans, 3D surface rendering, and 2D digital imaging. Its main goal is to provide rapid access to as many researchers as possible, large numbers of raw microCT data, and surface meshes representing vouchered specimens. The site is active since April 2013 and now hosts almost 5000 files, including ‘raw’ microCT volumetric data, mesh files  from laser scans, and 2D digital photographs (file formats include tiff, dicom, stanford ply, and stl). MorphoSource, allow to download a world-wide repository-vouchered digitalized specimens from 48 institutions (American Museum of Natural History; Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle; Natural History Museum Vienna, see more in Institutions). Currently the amount of information related with genus Homo is limited to Homo sapiens; however the site dataset is growing rapidly, and in the future it will be an interesting source of data for Paleoanthropologists too.

Gizéh Rangel de Lázaro


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